The Devonshire Condos – Annex Toronto

Redefining Annex Living in the best possible way : Next to Cookie Factory |

Cove at Waterways – 2169 Lake Shore Blvd., W., Toronto Lakeshore Condos

Just a short distance from downtown Core yet at half the prices almost |

Waterways Condos – Parklawn & Lakeshore Toronto

A True Investment on University & Dundas Direct TTC Connection |

Musee Condos in Toronto Downtown

For the Addicts of Toronto downtown life Style : A Classic approach |

Lombard Court Condos in St Lawrence Market Toronto

| Skies High & With Spaces they are building 3 condos in : 1550 SF – 2775 SF |

Heathhaven Co-Ops in Forest Hill Toronto

Futuristic Investment with no crazy prices : 35% Down and it is yours |

Quad Lofts 1 – 19 Brant Street Lofts in King West Toronto

| Your Dreams Lodged in a Lofty Presence – Magnetic Downtown Presence|

Oxygen Towns in Toronto Downtown

| 2 Storey Towns made for commons folks to supreme every sense |

The Bread Factory Lofts on Bay Street next to University of Toronto

| A True Investment on University & Dundas with TTC Connection |

Towns on Curzon in Queen Street East Toronto

A True Investment on Jones & Queen – A house of your own – no snow to shovel |