Lillipath Lane Towns

Page Out of Charles Dicken’s Novel– Neat Row of Classic Towns and priced at an incredible price|

Kilgour Estates

Never shovel snow or cut grass use private elevator to all levels + live 8 minutes to Downtown Toronto and surrounded by total Green Space |

Kilgour Estates – 21 Burkebrook Pl

Why drive 3 hours when you can live on cottage in downtown Toronto with absolute green views. Live on your own Estate. Private Terraces and Calm home feeling with peaceful Living redefined |

The Europa Condos

Likes of this you have never seen. Condo Lofts that get leased in a heart beat! A True Investment on University & Dundas Direct TTC Connection |

Kilgour Estates – 20 Burkebrook Pl

Who needs the hassles & chores of a Cottage when you have your own in downtown Toronto with all the glitz & glamour of a condo |

Polo Club 2 Condos

Do you want $2,200 X 12 = $26,400 in your pocket in one day ? Then buy this Unofficially Official University of Toronto Condos that get rented in hours of listing and Tenants pay full year rent in advance – All Unknowns are known here |

55 C Townhouses

Throw your ROI Calculations in Garbage – This is the Investment to look into -Do Not look back at missed opportunities : Here it is again at your fingertips |

188 Spadina Towns

an Oasis, a Real Backyard, a Real Townhouse in Downtown Toronto on Spadina & Queen and for Million Dollar & Change ? WoW : 3 – 4 Bedrooms with 3 Bathrooms |