One City Hall Condos

Smart Condos with Two Hospitals literally built in : Mount Sinai & Sick Kids | Medical Staff’s Paradise with Indoor Pool, Spa Gym Concierge Services Bachelor 440 SF from $400K with

Kilgour Estates Towns – 21 Burkebrook Pl

Your 3 Storey heaven with minutes to downtown Toronto and spectacular sizes of 1700 – 3400 Square Feet that will double in value in next 10 years |

Kilgour Estates Towns – 20 Burkebrook Pl

Never shovel snow / cut grass & employ private elevator to all levels and live within 8 minutes to Downtown Toronto and surrounded by total Green Space |

Kiglour Estates – 21 Burkebrook Pl

Why drive 3 hours thru fumes when you can live on cottage in downtown Toronto with absolute green views. Live on your own Estate. Private Terraces and Calm home feeling with peaceful Living redefined |

Kilgour Estates – 20 Burkebrook Pl

Who needs the hassles & chores of a house- when you have your own Theatre, Library, Indoor Pool, Sauna & Concierge yet so affordable & in downtown Toronto |

Kensington Market Lofts

10 years from now : these will be impossible to buy : so get them now |

Minto Plaza Condos

Why wait when the prices will soar again ..? Buy now 809 SF Massive Condo on Bay & College $529K |

2112 – 44 St Joseph St., Toronto Condos

Bay & St Joseph Condos | $799,000 for 2+ Den 1000+ SF |

Eleven 21 Bay Condos Toronto

Ten Foot Ceilings next to UofT 590 SF 1 + Den a Star of Bloor-Yorkville Condos |

Karma Condos Toronto Bay Condos

Bachelor for $439K on Bay & College – | Rents for $1700 |