Kilgour Estates

Never shovel snow or cut grass use private elevator to all levels + live 8 minutes to Downtown Toronto and surrounded by total Green Space |

Kilgour Estates – 21 Burkebrook Pl

Why drive 3 hours when you can live on cottage in downtown Toronto with absolute green views. Live on your own Estate. Private Terraces and Calm home feeling with peaceful Living redefined |

Kilgour Estates Towns 21 Burkebrook Pl

Your 3 Storey heaven with minutes to downtown Toronto and spectacular sizes of 1700 – 3400 Square Feet that will double in value in next 10 years |

Kilgour Estates Towns at 20 Burkebrook Pl

Never have to shovel snow or cut grass and yet enjoy your man cave and three storeys with 3 bedrooms and proper family room + indoor pool gym and party + media room : this has it all |

Baytree Town Manor – Bridle Path Towns

4200 Square Feet of Luxury 3 Bedrooms | 5 Baths with Private Elevator and Finished Basement and your neighbour could be Drake |

One Post Road Condos in Bridle Path Toronto

Calculation of your chances of getting a condo in a better location than this : Zero |